There’s a scandal brewing in Minnesota over whether one of Norm Coleman’s friends paid for a few of his suits.

Coleman was asked point blank today for a “yes” or “no” answer on whether the guy bought him a few suits.

Pioneer Press reporter Dave Orrick bumped into Republican Sen. Norm Coleman at the Viking Cafe in Fergus Falls  today and asked the Senator the question of the moment: whether Nassar Kazeminy ever bought Coleman any clothing? (A Harper’s Magazine blog item suggested that indeed Kazeminy had picked up the tab for some Coleman wear.)

The answer from Coleman, who was not wearing a suit today, was no more forthcoming than the answers his spokeman gave yesterday.

“First of all, every gift I’ve ever received has been reported, ok. But the idea of responding to the things bloggers throw out is something I’m not going to get into. There are very awful things that are said about people on the blogs,” he said.

Orrick then asked for a simple yes or no answer on the suit question.

“That’s the answer, period. You can read it in the answer,” he said.

The fact that he didn’t say “no” either means that 1) he got free suits or 2) he thinks prolonging this story is a good way to win over voters.

Either way, it gives new context to Hannibal Lecter’s infamous “Senator, love your suit.”

(I do some work for the Franken campaign.)